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Support JFK

As a non-profit institution, the John F. Kennedy School of Querétaro has always depended on the commitment, generosity and teamwork of families, businesses and the community at large to move the school into the future. Now we invite you to support our efforts and, with your help, continue building our future together.

History of Giving

The “John F. Kennedy” history of giving started in 1964, when a group of businessmen, headed by the TREMEC Company, had the initiative and generosity of spirit to begin a great educational project: the “John F. Kennedy School”. They sought a bilingual and bicultural school, that would bring their company executives a high-level education choice for their children, and that would be accepted in both Mexico and the United States. And, they did it!

These businessmen and parents, as years passed, continued supporting the school as it evolved over the years. When materials, funds and equipment were needed, donations were received from the community. This is how in 1970, our school was relocated to its present site in the Jurica Campestre section, on land comprising nearly 15 acres, donated by the Torres Landa family.

During the 70’s and 80’s, the school infrastructure covered Preschool, Elementary and Middle School necessities. However, the school population increased and in 1989 the High School Section began operations. Its construction received the sponsorship of several companies and 50 families from the JFK community.

This brief summary reveals the permanent collaboration that parents and private companies have given to the school. We are very grateful for their ongoing contribution and partnership. The spirit of support has been maintained throughout the years and we want to continue this tradition. We all can do it!

Why donate to JFK:

Reason 1: Tuitions and enrollment fees alone are not enough to cover all expenses.

As the institution has matured, it has become self-sufficient in daily operation; this is a cause for celebration. However, school enrollment and tuition fees have never covered the total cost for furnishings replacement, building repairs and maintenance, and the construction of new facilities. Our school needs funds, at the appropriate time, to continue improving its facilities and with that help our children in their academic, social, and physical development. You can be part of our school improvement.

Reason 2: Our graduates attend the most prestigious colleges and universities, both here in Mexico and around the world.

Over the years, we have built a history of academic excellence. This has resulted in the admission and attendance of our graduates to the most prestigious colleges and universities, nationally and internationally. Our school strengthens this achievement by maintaining academics at high levels, which are seen on various standardized test results. The school scores on ENLACE (the National Achievement Test in Mexico) are consistently in the top five of all schools within the state. Student scores for Stanford Achievement Test (U.S. Achievement Test) and SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) are trending up over time, while TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) results are consistently high. Your support can help us to address our resources to maintain the JFK’s reputation for academic excellence.

Reason 3: Our students participate in several social and ecological projects to learn and share their time, knowledge and more importantly: give back to society.

Each year, the school develops over twenty social and ecological projects in which students coordinate activities and participate towards reaching every project’s goal. These projects benefit communities in the Sierra Gorda, Obraje, Jurica, and Juriquilla. Students collaborate with public schools from Jurica as well as public and private institutions of Queretaro like the Fire Department, INEA, Habitat, Sinank’ay, AMANC, and orphanages in the city. We make sure that our students’ social and ecological work contributes to the impact each project has on their beneficiaries. You and your support could be part of these actions to benefit our society.

Reason 4: You want to give back to the school, where you or your children learned to be what you or children are now. 

Probably, you agree that school years were the most exciting ones you have had in your life. You keep good memories of that teacher who shared with you amazing theories, the simplicity of solving problems or the passion for loving nature. Or, you recall those laboratory classes that introduced you to physics or chemistry and those others that helped you to discover the artist hidden within yourself. You also remember the soccer championship when the school won first place and you were so proud to be part of the school. You value the friends you met at school with whom you still have a friendship. You can give back by paying it forward to future generations so that they can enjoy those same memories when they look back on their years at JFK.

How to Donate

The JFK School needs your support to continue providing academic excellence within a multicultural environment. We want to focus our budget on doing so; however, important infrastructure renovations demand our attention, too. During the last fifteen years, we have been renovating our 45-year-old buildings and constructing new facilities to fulfill contemporary necessities. Your gift will help us focus our budget on to the school’s core academic interests and will definitely make a change.

Every gift makes an impact, to learn more how to donate, please contact us.

 • Cash gifts: Gifts of cash may be deducted from taxable income to the extent allowable by the law in the year the gifts are made. Tax deductible receipts, both in Mexico and the United States, may be given upon request of the donor.

 • Gifts in kind: Gifts in kind are non-monetary items of tangible property which include equipment, furniture and materials.

Contact Information

If you are interested in making a donation to the John F. Kennedy A.C. , The American School of Querétaro, please call the Institutional Advancement Department. 

María Cristina Durango
Institutional Advancement Coordinator
Phone. (+52) 442 218 00 75 Ext. 1003