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International Students


Points to consider when enrolling your child from another country into our school

The John F. Kennedy School does not accept students into the mainstream program where they do not have the capacity to understand the language of instruction. We are able to offer such students from Grade 1 through High School an alternative program designed to prepare them, over time, to enter into the regular classroom program by providing intensive instruction in the Spanish and/or English language and in cultural understanding.

The first year of studies, and perhaps more, will be devoted to the learning of Spanish and or English and that much of the actual content from the classroom will not be covered.

Grades on transfer report cards for Middle School and High School on the SWAS progress report will indicate the nature of the SWAS program and a passing grade of 6.0 will be registered for each course. Grades for specific subjects will be based upon individual effort and progress.

This program provides limited academic exposure for other subjects. Content learning will be lower than that of other students of this grade level.

Translator services must be provided by the family for all school meetings as required by the school.

Grade level placement for international students

Your child will be placed on a provisional basis in the grade level that matches their next year of studies in their home country until an official determination is received from the Secretary of Education. The school complies with all regulations of the Secretary of Education (SEP), and will place your child at the grade level that is determined by SEP through their revalidation process.

International students will be assigned to their class with students that are typically one year older because of the additional Pre-first program found in our school. Some subjects at that level, like mathematics, may pose a challenge for students because of the advanced level of the content.

The difference of maturity level of other students, because of our additional Pre-first grade, can create some academic, social and emotional challenges for international students. Parents with concerns about this issue are invited to discuss it with the section Principal.

Guidelines for foreign students entering High School with a need for special services from our sheltered school-within-a-school (SWAS) program

Note: These guidelines take effect beginning with our 2013/2014 academic year.

Foreign students entering The John F. Kennedy School at the High School level (grades 9, 10, 11, 12) face some unique challenges. Besides the need to adapt to a new bilingual educational system and culture, they must participate in an advanced program with high academic standards that is presented in both English and Spanish.

High School students with limited Spanish abilities, after passing our entrance examinations, will be enrolled in our sheltered instructional program (SWAS).

All John F. Kennedy School students must be officially enrolled with the Mexican Secretary of Education. Their grades must be reported to, and officially registered with, the Secretary of Education who will also issue report cards and other official documents to students.

In this sheltered School-Within-a-School (SWAS) program of instruction they will receive fundamental support in foreign language development. Their language deficits decrease their ability to gain the content knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their classes. They do receive a rich language experience but will likely earn grades with a high of 6.0 on their official Mexican documentation of studies. This may affect their ability to enter some colleges and universities in the future.

This program does require extra commitment from both the student and their families. Sometimes additional online courses, presented in English at the appropriate grade level, will be required in building an individualized program of instruction. On-line course fees will be applied in addition to the standard SWAS fees.